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There are different ways to sell products and services, and not all methods are right for all products or services nor clients or customers. Have you ever encountered the pushy salesman in a car showroom who follows you around? Compare that shopping experience to being in a luxury car dealership with sales people who are a bit more “standoffish”, creating a demurrer atmosphere. Selling expensive, luxurious products requires a more sophisticated approach since those customers/clients tend to be more educated and cultured. This is in contrast to lower-cost, basic goods that require a more generalized approach. Selling a Chevrolet is different than selling a Mercedes-Benz. We must cater each approach to our intended audience.

Play to your audience! Understand who your customers are. Speak in a manner that connects with them.

The following are tips to effectively sell any product or service:

1. Ask Questions & Listen Up:

Understanding your customers’ needs, desires, and wants is imperative to successful sales. You must be a good listener.  When meeting with new or potential clients, always ask a ton of open questions and listen to their answers. The more they speak, the more you learn and are better equipped to help. You have two ears and one mouth; you should be listening twice as much as you speak.

2) Believe In Your Product:

You must believe in your product. Without conviction, your audience will see through you. They won’t buy what you are selling. In the early 1980’s Lee Iacocca was in the midst of turning around the Chrysler Corporation from near bankruptcy. In commercials, he stated: “If you can find a better car, buy it!”  Iacocca was so confident in his product, he challenged people to find better. This led to sales which led to the turn-around of the automotive powerhouse. A true success story!

3) Understand Your Product:

Be prepared to explain and demonstrate your product or service. We have all met a sales person who fumbles around with the product, trying to demonstrate its use only to prove he/she knows as little as you do. Don’t be like that!

4) Be Enthusiastic About Your Product:

Genuine enthusiasm is contagious! Expressing your passion is a formidable sale tool!

Believe it or not, whether you think you’re a sales person or not, you are selling every day, all day! Trying to convince your kids to eat their vegetables. Trying to convince a group of friends to eat at one restaurant over another. Even trying to convince yourself to do something you may not want. 

“If you haven’t succeeded to sell someone something, it’s because you didn’t explain well enough why they need your product.”

So, what are you going to do to ensure your sales success?

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