are you a change agent? elon musk

A Change Agent is someone who challenges the status quo, pushes the boundaries, and has a clear vision on how things should be done. These shakers and movers care less of what people think of them and more about executing their visions. Elon Musk is one such Change Agent!

Like him or not, Elon Musk has done more than anyone or other company to bring electric vehicles to the public sphere. In doing so, his innovative thinking has unleashed new technologies such as auto-pilot, iPad-like user interface, and building an infrastructure of charging stations to service customers.

Change Agents tend to display hubris while making big statements they may or may not be able to back up. They tend to rub some people the wrong way with their overzealous confidence while fully engaging others. They make change because they tend to push those around them harder than they are typically pushed. Many of the most known Change Agents tend to be those of great wealth, influence, and authority, such as Donald Trump (love him or hate him), Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, and Henry Ford II.

Being such a person isn’t solely about being brash or having great influence. Every day, millions of people bring about change in their own ways and their own styles. Some Change Agents go against the grain, challenging those around them, while others create change in an understated, low-key way.

Life comes at us in waves. Personally, I prefer riding on top of the wave and carving it to my own benefit as opposed to swimming against and getting caught in the surf.

How do you create change in your business or life? Are you a Change Agent? What elements of a Change Agent can you adopt and use to your benefit? Depending on your personality and temperament, hubris and brashness may or may not work for you. 

Your talent may be encouraging and motivating those around you to do better than they otherwise would. Whatever your delivery tactic, your actions have the ability to create impactful trust and confidence in those around you to propel your business endeavor forward. Try a few of these traits and see how they feel.

The only constant in life is change.

How will you be a Change Agent to position you and your business for future success?


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